Geeks Table
Where Roleplayers Come Together

Geeks Table is the holding company of various Role-playing entities, our two main entities is How to be a Great Game Master & RPG Table Finder, for more information please see each entity for more information. 

How to be a Great Game Master provides tabletop roleplaying guides for game masters/ dungeon masters and player characters for a wide range of roleplaying game systems. Not only are physical books on how to create rpg campaigns but also offer a weekly video on YouTube which has over 160k subscribers, here bite sized guides and tips on how to better your game is offered!

RPG Table Finder was born out of the need for roleplayers to find others to enjoy the game with, the platform has been through three iterations, and currently is the biggest dedicated roleplaying game finder online with over 30,000 registered roleplayers. The system guides players to join or create tables and offers a space to organize their games whether online or in person. 

Geeks Table is a registered company in South Africa, all rights are reserved, and is operated by Guy Sclanders & Derrick Greyvensteyn