Geeks Table was started by a group of friends that love everything geek related, from great science fiction and fantasy novels to the detailed planning when playing a board game or RPG. We wanted to share our enjoyment of these things with others, and decided to start this website with the goal of linking our other fun hobbies.

Subscribe and follow us, and hope you enjoy the stuff we create and hopefully our opinions on some of the things we look at! Because one thing we know is that being geeks we are fiercely loyal to different things, lets not get started on Star Trek and Star Wars, or let alone the different versions of D&D!

Who are we?

We are from South Africa, based in the city of Johannesburg. The two of us, Guy,  and Derrick are the custodians of Geeks Table and its hobby websites. Guy the person who knows lots about various game scenarios, unique qualities of various board games and loves telling stories. Derrick our website IT guy, loves fantasy and science fiction, as well as creating cool short films.